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We all would want an organized garage, don’t we? I’m not sure about you but for an OCD like me, a spic and span garage that looks just like this in the photo below is one that’s to die for!
Having said that, the link to find those garage organization systems is really where I am stuck virtually right now. I wanted so bad to buy a garage cabinet so that ours will look as organized as ever. I showed it to the husband and he, too, feels the same.
Unfortunately, we are in the peak of winter right now and cleaning up our garage, including organizing what’s in there, would not be fun at all considering the freezing temperature we have to deal with if we spend an hour or more being out. He promised that he’ll do it in the Spring or Summer. He is a pretty occupied man but I know he means it when he promises. I guess he understood me enough when I say I have enough of the clutter that our garage has. It’s a pain to look at! Lol.
Another unfortunate thing for me is that we only live in an apartment. Thus, our one-door-garage unit is not ours to be remodeled, redesigned, or rebuilt. There is a built-in cabinet and shelves there but we can’t remove it and have it replaced. We can only organized our stuff so it’s one pretty tough job to do when the weather gets warmer.
The need for an organized garage is not a wish or a dream by just me. I am sure you feel like needing one, too. If you do and you are in the perfect season to remodel your own garage, let garageappeal.com be your partner. You won’t regret it for sure!



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